Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology was established in 1395 and carries out its academic activities under direction of faculty of Biology. The main activities of this department include teaching the relevant subjects according to the curriculum, conducting scientific research, organizing scientific conferences, assisting/guiding students to prepare and defend monographs, participating in various committees at faculty and university level and other relevant departments such as the national office of environmental protection and Kabul Zoo. The department of Zoology is committed to work in advancing the agenda of the faculty and is planning to pave the ground for students to pursue specialized degrees and graduation of student specializing in Zoology.

Objectives of Department of Zoology:

  • Training of professional and specialized cadres in the field of Zoology for the public and private institutions with bachelor’s degree
  • Training of specialized and qualified Biology teachers for governmental and private schools.
  • Training of qualified Zoologists.
  • Training of technical assistants for laboratories in the governmental and private schools.
  • Efforts to preserve the extinct-able and rare animals of Afghanistan through transfer of professional and specialized knowledge on domestic and wild animals.
  • Promoting different methods of cultivating economic and farm animals.
  • Awareness about the importance of domestic and wild animals in daily life and ecosystem.
  • Promoting a culture of environmental and animal protection.
  • Being involved in the professional and specialized development of society and achieve the objectives of the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
  • Training a committed and professional workforce.


In order to improve the academic knowledge of professional cadres, the Department of Zoology intends offer specialized degree in Zoology and train professional and specialized zoologists and zoology staff to the society.


Department of Zoology, as one of the active departments of the faculty of Biology, is striving to train specialized and qualified staff at bachelor’s level for the country.

Main Objectives of Department of Zoology:

The main objective of the department of Zoology is to train academic, professional, committed and expert professional zoologists who are familiar with the basic concepts of Zoology and its application in daily life. By completing the bachelor’s degree at the department of Zoology, the needs of educational centers in the fields of education, teaching at schools, universities, scientific and research institutions, teaching at the technical and professional institutes in the field of agriculture, veterinary, environment and in the private sector can be met by these professional cadres.

Laboratory and Teaching Equipment:


Type of Department

Tools and Equipment



Entomology Lab

Insect catcher device, insect collection and transfer device to laboratory, insect maintenance box, microscope, abrasion, abrasion box, magnifier, light microscope.



Animal Physiology Lab

Microscope, slide, cover slide, abrasion box, abrasion container, centrifuge, test tube, baker, and flask



Microbiology Lab

Microscope, slide, cover slide, abrasion box, abrasion container, petri dish




Invertebrate Zoology Lab

Fixed slide, microscope, slide, cover slide, abrasion box, abrasion container



Animal Histology Lab

Microscope, slide, cover slide, abrasion box, abrasion container


Members of Department of Zoology:


Name and Surname


Field of study


Kaihana Sahibzada Taib

Mohammad Asif

Animal Physiology


Qudratullah Oryakhail

Mir Atta



AbdulRahman Osmani

Jumma Gul



Mohammad Hanif




Mohammad Arif Irfan

Mohammada Jan



Alina Kakar




Mohammad Navid Amin




Sadia Anwari

Mohammad Afzal


گالری رسانه

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کار ساخت پارک محصلین به وسعت 12 جریب زمین در محوطه پوهنتون کابل افتتاح گردید

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