Vision, Mission and Goals


To be an authentic, reliable and internationally recognized educational and research center in the field of environmental, natural resources and disaster management at the country and world level.



As a multidiscipline center in knowledge, training, comparative research and professional capacity development in Afghanistan, which provides specialized services in the fields of environmental, natural resources and disaster management.


The Faculty of Environment in the fields of environmental sciences, natural resource management and disaster management at the undergraduate level has educated the young generation with new science and education, skills and technical tools so that they can use resources according to the nature of resources and for development and sustainable development. It plans and prepares for the protection and protection of the environment and responds to man-made accidents, natural accidents and environmental challenges and provides the path for livelihood in the country.

•             It teaches students the basic natural sciences and the basics of environmental sciences, natural resources, and disaster management.

•             There will be development in computer and English language skills of students.

•             Students will become specialists at the bachelor's level in the fields of water resources, mining and mineral resources management, hazard risk reduction and management, environmental management, water and air pollution, renewable energy, and green solutions.

•             Students will be familiar with national and international laws, policies, and treaties in the field of sustainability and environmental protection, and also in the field of natural resources, international laws regarding environmental protection, global warming, and reducing the risks of accidents.

•             The students will evaluate the environmental effects and will find familiarity with climate changes by agreeing.

•             Students will learn more and better about natural resources, protection of biodiversity, prevention of pasture destruction, restoration and restoration of destroyed pastures, wildlife, forests, surface water and underground water.

•             Students will find complete familiarity with the management of natural and human disasters, which include droughts, floods, avalanches, and related policies.

•             Students will learn statistics and technical report writing.

•             Students will learn about the environmental and economic value of natural resources.

•             Students will learn about the technology of reducing and neutralizing the risks of accidents and about the participation and encouragement of people in reducing the risks of accidents.

گالری رسانه

In 2023 AH, Kabul University has implemented dozens of development projects worth about 90 million Afghanis. Video report:

The bituminous work of new roads inside Kabul University has started

During the construction of Kabul University, the development of the communication road between the Ministry of Higher Education and Kabul University has started today.

The work of constructing a student park with an area of 12 acres of land was opened in the campus of Kabul University

Album of spring photos of the beautiful grounds of Kabul University in 1402 AH

Pictures album of the courtyard of Kabul University after a gentle and beautiful rain