Directorate of Scientific Research and Scientific Journals

This center was established as a scientific and academic body in 1342 and has a vital value in a scientific and academic field, especially in universities. Based on this urgent necessity, scientific research should be carried out according to the necessity and welfare of the society, and the necessity of scientific and research centers by accurate and standard methods. Scientific and research activities are one of the important tasks of the university's scientific staff. In order to develop science and knowledge, develop technology at the national level, revive and introduce the culture of research, promote the scientific side of the staff, promote and improve the teaching process in the university.

The mission of the Scientific Research Center of Kabul University is to achieve the above goals, guide, regulate and better coordinate scientific research in various disciplines and fields of natural sciences and social sciences.

The scientific-research articles written by the members of the scientific staff are published in two scientific research journals under the title of Journal of Natural Sciences and Journal of Social Sciences. In addition, this authority has scientific and technical cooperation with scientific-research journals at the level of some faculties, such as Journalism and Dermel in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

گالری رسانه

In 2023 AH, Kabul University has implemented dozens of development projects worth about 90 million Afghanis. Video report:

The bituminous work of new roads inside Kabul University has started

During the construction of Kabul University, the development of the communication road between the Ministry of Higher Education and Kabul University has started today.

The work of constructing a student park with an area of 12 acres of land was opened in the campus of Kabul University

Album of spring photos of the beautiful grounds of Kabul University in 1402 AH

Pictures album of the courtyard of Kabul University after a gentle and beautiful rain