Directorate of Masters and Ph.D

Higher education, especially postgraduate education, including master's and doctoral degrees, is considered an urgent necessity in our country. Considering this need and the availability of available facilities, Kabul University launched some programs to improve the capacity of professors and scientific staff of Afghanistan's departments and ministries, so that, on the one hand, post-graduate education within the country is available for those who are interested, and on the other hand, it is a suitable long-term solution. To provide a chain of human resources inside the country.

For this reason, in 2005, the first master's programs were created due to the comparative advantage in the Faculty of Language and Literature. Following that, other master's programs were launched at the level of Kabul University, which required a directorate for the purpose of coherence and coordination, law enforcement, quality assurance, review and evaluation of the process of postgraduate programs, which is important in view of this; The administration of master and doctoral programs of Kabul University was officially established in 1392 and started to operate.


The first doctoral program of Kabul University was launched in the Faculty of Language and Literature in the Pashto and Dari language departments in 2013. Currently, Kabul University is running 22 master's programs and two doctoral programs.

 In order to better regulate and coordinate the implementation of the defined criteria and accelerate it and make the right decisions, in addition to the master's program regulation authority and its administrative organization, the board of master's programs at the university level, which consists of one member from each master's and doctorate program Is; They organize their regular meetings under the chairmanship of the academic vice president of the university. Likewise, any faculty that administers a master's or doctorate program; He is obliged to form a master's program committee and decisions related to the programs are made through that committee.

Currently, the following master's programs are active:


1) Electrical and electronics engineering master's program

2) Renewable energy and energy efficiency master program

3) Master's program in Arabic language and literature

4) Pashto language and literature master program

5) Dari language and literature master program

6) Finance and banking master program

7) Master's program in administration and business

8) Nuclear physics master program

9) master's program in animal clinical medicine

10) Information technology master's program

11) Information systems master's program

12) Visual and performing arts master's program

13) Sharia and law master program

14) Tafsir and Hadith master's program

15) Master's Program in Policy and Public Administration

16) Master's program in international relations

17) Animal Science Master's Program

18) Agronomy master program

19) Gender and studies master's program

20) Master's program in educational management

21) Mathematics master program

22) Criminal and criminology master's program

In addition, two doctoral programs, one in Pashto language and literature and the other in Dari language and literature, have been established and are active.

It is hoped that in the very near future, the number of master's programs will increase according to the necessity of the market. Among them, we can mention the master's program in chemistry, the master's program in journalism, the master's program in Afghanistan studies, the doctorate program in Arabic language and literature, and the doctorate program in Shariah.

گالری رسانه

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