DURATION:  Two Days (Nov 10-11, 2021)

ORGANIZED BY: Kabul University


Progress and development in every country require a great deal of science and knowledge. These two elements are prominently acquired through scientific research. Since most of the technologies and production techniques are developed through scientific research, no country in the world had achieved economic, agricultural, and industrial expansion without inclusive scientific development. Hence, giving priority to academic research and technology as the fundamental pillars is the vital necessity of improvement and a factor leading to stable progress and attainment for the welfare of an independent society.

Academic institutions are the key contributors to achieving the sustainable development of any society through research and innovations. Kabul University leadership decided to take an active part in finding solutions to problems that hinder the country’s sustainable development through holding research conferences where scientists and researchers will share their research findings with policy-level government staff. In this regard, Kabul University would like to hold a national conference on the sustainable development of the agriculture sector.  

Today we see that the overall agriculture production is low and is not sufficient to meet the local food demand in Afghanistan. Thus, much of the food consumed in the country is being imported from neighboring countries, and the imports are increasing year after year, which is a big burden on the national economy. Therefore, to bring self-sufficiency in food production, it is essential to develop a multidirectional approach so that fight for hunger can be challenged on all fronts. One of the best ways to solve hunger and reduce poverty is to conduct research, as research is one of the main factors contributing to shifts in agricultural production systems and the significant development of a rural economy. It is a major factor in determining the level of income of the farming sector, in meeting the food requirements of fast-growing populations, in generating foreign exchange to finance domestic programs. Various impact assessments have shown that agricultural research has an important role in increasing agricultural productivity since many of the new technologies, inputs, and techniques of production that increase agricultural productivity are developed through agricultural research. A transformed agricultural research system helps achieve sustainable food and income security for all agricultural producers and consumers. Sustainable agricultural intensification itself means producing more food and agricultural products from the same overall resources (such as land, labor, and water) while reducing the negative environmental impacts.



The objective of the national research conference on agriculture sector development is to bring together researchers, policymakers, national and international stakeholders interested in finding solutions to the existing agriculture sector problems through problem-focused research.


Research helps:


The expected outcomes from the proposed conference are as follows:

  1. Sharing research results on agricultural related issue with policy makers for agriculture sector development
  2. Provide prime networking opportunities for agricultural sector development
  3. Provide linkages of academic staff with national and international research organizations on conducting quality agriculture research
  4. Develop integrated research policy for better implementation of research program through agricultural faculties.
  5. To facilitate knowledge and technology transfer to agricultural research institutions
  6. To Introduce the concept of information sharing between universities and agriculture related institutions
  7. Improve animals’ breeds through modern breeding techniques.
  8. Transfer improved production technologies to farming communities through the assistance of agricultural extension.
  9. Increase overall production and productivity of crops and animals.
  10. Improve and conserve natural resources and its efficient use in crop and animal production.



The main themes for this proposed conference directly related to the agriculture sector development in the country are as follows:

  1. Crop Research
  • Field crops (Cereals, pulses, industrial crops, medicinal and aromatic crops, forage).
  • Horticulture crops (perennial horticulture, annual horticulture crops, landscaping horticulture and postharvest management and handling technologies)
  • Natural resource conservation/management (dry land agriculture, forestry and rangeland management).
  • Plant protection (pests, diseases, weeds management and etc.).
  1. Soil and water management (Soil evaluation, survey and classification, soil analysis, soil fertility management, soil conservation, water management, control and conservation).
  2. Livestock improvement (small ruminant, larger ruminant, poultry, fishery, apiculture, sericulture, animal health and food safety).
  3. Socio-Economic and market analysis (policy, strategy, plan, coordination with national and international research centers, market analysis, extension and publications).

All the received research papers will be divided into the above categories. Most individuals who submit papers will be asked to prepare presentations for their contribution. However, if the number of papers exceeds the expectation of the conference organizer, then certain participants will be asked to present their papers in the form of posters. The organizing committee will assess the suitability of all the contributions and will decide the oral presentations or posters. The decision will be communicated to all individuals who papers to this conference. The organizing committee will make such a decision once all the contributions are received. Further details on this issue will be communicated with all the stakeholders and conference flyer is expected to be available soon.

At the end of the conference, the participants in each category will be tasked to provide suitable recommendations to the relevant authorities in the country.


Research papers will be reviewed by a committee using the following criteria.

Proposal/Research Paper Evaluation Form

Name of the committee member ……………………..

Code No. of Proposal/Research Paper:……………………………………..





  1. Research Title (5)
        1. Is the title of the research clear and concise (self-explaining)?
        2. Is the research topic original/new? Has anyone else worked on this topic before or is it a fresh subject?


The topic is self-explaining and does not any issue.


  1. Is the information relevant, or is the research sequentially well introduced?



Review of Literature

  1. Does the literature review show that the researcher has a thorough knowledge of the previously published literatures (including the references, at least 15 references of academic articles)?



Problem Statement


  1. Is the statement of research explained clearly?



Research Objectives and Questions


(testable) Hypothesis


  1. Are the research questions clearly stated?
  2. Are the objectives clear? (Specific, measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound)




Justification and Economic /Development Rationale


  1. What are the socio-economic/development relevance of this research project/paper?
  2. Is this research in one of the priority areas set by the Government?











  1. Are the components of the research proposal methodical, systematic and with logical sequence?
  2. Is the research method clearly explained?
  3. Is the target population (if applicable) clearly stated?
  4. In case the research needs sampling, is the sampling and the number of samples clearly stated?
  5. Is the questionnaire adequate and clear? If Applicable.
  6. Are the possible obstacles/restrictions mentioned in the proposal?
  7. Is the procedure for data collection clearly explained? Are the data being collected or already available? Does it have logical sequence?
  8. Is the data analysis methodology clearly and with logical sequence explained?



Expected Results


  1. Are the expected outcomes and results of the research stated clearly?







Total Score



Research Should Be Funded:

Yes  / No

The above selection criteria will be used to select research papers.



گالری رسانه

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