Visual And Performing Arts Master’s Program

For four decades, the Faculty of Fine Arts has fostered academic artistic activity in Kabul University as the senior significant educational institution in the country. During this period the Fine Arts Faculty has trained many students to the level of bachelor’s degree.

In recent years, as the growth of several artistic and cultural organizations have created a need for a master’s degree, the Faculty of Fine Arts, under leadership of Professor Samiullah Nabipour, Dean of the faculty, started the Visual Arts MA Course Program based on order no. 6447, 1391/11/10, by the Higher Education Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Over a period of four years, the faculty graduated about 70 students with a Master’s Degree. The Visual Arts MA Course is continuing to the present and currently has 36 students enrolled.

Also the name of the Master Program changed from The Visual Arts Master’s program to The Visual & Dramatic Arts Master’s program according to the letter number ( 65/69)from the development program of Ministry of Higher Education on 13/06/1399


The Visual & Dramatic Arts Master’s program attempts to find academic solutions to the difficulties of achievement in the Fine Arts, such as lack of cultural acceptance by many people and the paucity of support of national and international organizations. Also, the Visual Arts MA course program goal is to increase the quality of Art and abilities of the artists of our beloved country of Afghanistan to participate in international competitions.



The Visual & Dramatic Arts Master’s Program in the Faculty of Fine Arts plays a very significant role for the establishment and development of culture in society.

The development and elevation of culture is one of the most important means toward the support and creation of a peaceful atmosphere for society.


Future mission, availability and permanency

The mission of the Visual & Dramatic Arts MA course program is to increase the educational and academic level of Afghanistan’s artists. The program will provide opportunities for research in art and culture.

The Visual & Dramatic Arts MA course program provides a golden prospect for candidates who already are working in cultural sectors to increase their skills and abilities.

The curriculum of this program is designed to include theoretical and practical subjects.

The students are required to pay tuition fees according to the Visual & Dramatic Arts MA course program regulation.

For forty years the Faculty of Fine Arts has graduated many students with a bachelor’s degree. The need of these students to gain admission into the Visual & Dramatic Arts MA course program is one of the primary reasons the faculty must continue the program.

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