Student Capacity Building

Main Goals:

paving the way for students' intellectual, cultural and social development and creating job opportunities for them.

Monograph Writing:

Students who have taken the training course (Word) can prepare their monograph according to the accepted criteria of the university without any problem. Previously, students prepared their monographs by others with paying fee.

CV Writing:

Students' knowledge of types of (CV); students can prepare their CV according to the announced packages; until their CV is approved in announced job vacancies in open competition.

Preparing a Presentation:

Students, after learning the Power Point program can learn the skills for preparing a presentation so that they can have an excellent presentation.

Preparing a Database:

Students, after learning the Excel training course, can prepare a standard database and solve various calculations through the Excel program.

These programs are practical and enable participants to perform their computer tasks in the field of work, education and daily life successfully.

Job skills

Students learn the following skills during this program:

Job search and networking skills:

Students will become familiar with different ways of finding a job and will be able to choose and follow the most effective method.

Standard Resume Writing:

Students will learn how to prepare a summary of their CV and will know the difference between a CV and a Resume and will be able to use the CV and the Resume.

Cover Letter Writing:

Students will learn how to write a cover letter to attract the employer and increase their chances of being shortlisted.

Learning Job Interview Skills (Interview Skills):

Students learn how to appear in an interview to convince the recruiter that they are the best candidate to get hired.


  • Increase self-confidence: Creating effective relationships to influence and unite others in order to achieve a single goal and identify strategies to achieve these goals.
  • Bringing a credible environment where others want to follow you: Be a good listener, get to know all the views better; speak honestly, get ideas and share information, show honesty and act on what you say. Choose the approach that others follow you.
  • Have better planning skills: Be someone who inspires others. Even when things go awry, have a good understanding of what others have achieved. Don't worry about what goes wrong; you will not fail; admit to move forward.
  • You will be praised for your achievements: If you have a good achievement, they will be praised and encouraged by the authorities, which will lead to more progress for leaders.
  • You get a better job opportunity and a better income opportunity: If you are a good leader, you will earn more income in addition to doing daily work.

The Excel Program Class

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