Master’s Program in Gender and Women Studies

Master’s Program in Gender and Women Studies in the faculty of social sciences which getting started on 2015, can be considered as one of the important steps in the development of academic capacity and training of specialist’s cadre. At the same time, it can be considered as a preferred development in order to increase the quality of social sciences for the scientific community of Afghanistan and especially Kabul University. There are currently 18 Master’s programs going on in various social and natural fields and the development of Master’s programs in other fields is one of the main goals of the University. It is clear that all fields of social sciences including gender studies are of particular importance for every community and with the development of this field, we can reach to the recognition and accurate analysis of social and historical realities of the society. 

One of the main purposes of Gender and Women Studies is the oneness (sharing) of experiences and use of power, talents and abilities of men and women in order to bring positive changes in various dimensions of community development. Efforts should be made in this field to review and reveal social and cultural realities of our society in terms of gender by using gender studies and find out that in which part of the social structures, the opportunities for the development of capabilities and talents of women and men are faced with obstacles. The main objective of this field is to overcome obstacles through scientific and research studies in order to create ample social opportunities for both sexes in order to achieve development in its various dimensions.

As it is obviously noticed, studies and research on gender have individual aspects in our society and taken place through a number of domestic and foreign organizations by conducting workshops and seminars. Though, these programs were useful to some extent but did not have satisfactory results. Therefore, it is essential to launch a specific, continuous, scientific and academic program by specialists so that better understanding is provided in the field and opportunity is provided for the development of talents and hidden human capacities and promote better research conditions and finally entrusting experienced and reliable cadres for the Afghan scientific community and development opportunities are created in the country.


The main goal of every educational and learning program in the first place, is to build the capacity and professional skills. In addition, the growing demand and our overall growth level, actual deep recognition of various aspects of social life for public and private sector development planning is valuable. Curriculum development and promotion of educational level in relation to gender and women studies is in fact the capacity building of personnel (cadres) involved in this field, we clearly understand from the past history of Afghanistan that in the absence and lack of recognition of actual social features of the community with regard to its gender differences what kind of tragedies our people have endured, the result of which is existing poverty and disorder in our beloved country. Therefore, the main aim of training scientific cadre in high level of education is to recognize, analyze, and find solutions for the problems and give attention to its development and expansion by scientific cadres.

Student statistics Table






















Conditions of Students’ Admission through Open Competition:

  1. The application forms will be filled by the candidate based on precise information;
  2. The resume will be registered in the Faculty and University;
  3. Presentation of the original Tazkira and maintaining its copy is mandatory;
  4. Holding a bachelor degree from credible internal and external higher education institutes in the field of social sciences and a transcript verified by MoHE;
  5. Possess an average of 65% points of bachelor degree;
  6. Having the ability and possibility to pay the admission and education fees;
  7. Official agreement of candidate employer for continuation of her/his education in Master’s program;
  8. One of the preconditions for the students to enter into this program is to pass the special written  test;
  9. Conducting exclusive interview with the candidate in the presence of board members and dean of faculty; After passing the special written test the candidate will be eligible to enroll in the program;
  10. Familiarity with one of the foreign language is also mandatory.


Master’s program in Gender and Women Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences can be an important step in the scientific capacity development and training of cadre specialists. This is a new field which can be effective in the consolidation of rights and placement of women. At the same time, it can be considered as an increase in the quality of social sciences for the scientific community of Afghanistan and especially Kabul University. It is obvious that all fields of social sciences including anthropology, ethnography, demographics, etc. are of special importance for every society and with the extension of these sciences we can achieve the detailed analysis and historical understanding and social realities of a society.

This program can provide opportunity for talents and hidden human capacities and promote better research conditions and finally entrusting experienced and reliable cadres for the Afghan scientific community.


The main mission of conducting social science gender Master’s program is to expand the knowledge of in-service cadres of faculty and with training more students; we can maintain the requirement of other universities and related ministries with this program.  Considering the need, conducting of this program is considered essential and vital for Kabul University especially for the faculty of social sciences.


The Master’s program of Social Science Faculty will be funded through United Nation development program (UNDP)

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