Directorate of Publications

The Directorate of Publications of Kabul University is one of the Directorates in which all the important issues of information communication of the university are regulated, managed, compiled, edited and published. This administration has a well-equipped printing house that fulfills all the printing needs of the university as soon as possible.

The main duties of the Publications Directorate are as follows: directing the preparation of news reports to the Kabul University website for timely access by users; Issuing the necessary guidance in the part of correcting the publications and planning the publication policy to comply with the policy of Kabul University; Arranging conferences, seminars, workshops and exclusive interviews of Kabul University officials to inform the public about the achievements and activities carried out at Kabul University; Guidance in the printing and sending of newspapers, magazines and other printed documents that are communicated through the faculty and other branches of Kabul University; Controlling and supervising the printing of authored books and other scientific works, by professors, in order to print with quality and evaluate the quality of the employees' performances under the influence in order to adopt the next measures to improve work efficiency.

گالری رسانه

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