Directorate of Human Resources

At the beginning, under the title of Khatiye branch under the effect of editorial management, with the presence of two agents in 2015, it carried out the affairs related to human resources. Later, in 1325, it was renamed to Mamorin Management. According to the size of the administrative system of the university, in 1343, it was added to the general administration of the officers and subsequently to three other administrations, i.e., recruitment, accidents, and essays. The general management of agents maintained its organizational structure until 1389, and in 1390, this management was upgraded and renamed to the Human Resources Directorate, which currently includes the general management of recruitment, the general management of training and development of the administration, the general management of accident assessment and database, and the management of immunity and Handling complaints under the support and working in cooperation with this authority.

The main duties of the human resources manager of Kabul University are as follows: providing professional advice to the vice president of finance and administration in order to enrich the department's goals and programs; Management and supervision of the implementation of the department's programs to achieve desired results; Ensuring relations with the Department of Human Resources of the Ministry to promote recruitment, promotion, retirement, punishment and rewards of employees; Arrangement of the organizational structure and tasks according to the activities and plans of the department to achieve the goals; Monitoring, performance evaluation, distribution,change, transformation, complaints and health of employees, well-being, safety, order and discipline of administration and daily attendance of employees in order to better implement the law; Monitoring the accident database system of the department's employees in order to ensure the correctness of the recorded figures; Organizing workshops and seminars, and designing training plans in order to improve the capacity of the officers and evaluate the quality of the employees' performances in order to improve the level of work efficiency and their work capacity.

گالری رسانه

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The work of constructing a student park with an area of 12 acres of land was opened in the campus of Kabul University

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