Clinical Veterinary Medicine Master’s Program

The Clinical veterinary medicine is an important part of medical science, which deals with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various types of diseases affecting animal health. The clinical veterinary medicine is as ancient as history is recorded. Some parts of clinical veterinary medicine are certainly as ancient as civilization itself.

This section of medical science ensures human health through good care of animal health. Various types of diseases affecting animal health; most of these diseases are zoonose (diseases common between humans and animals). If these diseases are not diagnosed, treated, prevented and managed on time, they will cause severe animal health, as well as human health problems and economic lost in country level.


The Goals of the Master program of Clinical Veterinary Medicine are as a follow:

  • Training of veterinary professionals those who would be able to treat and prevent   various kinds of diseases on time.
  • Conducting academic researches based on social problems in relevant fields.
  • Profession capacity building of the young academic staff of the higher education sector and others based on their relevant fields.

Establishment :

The Master Program in Clinical Veterinary Medicine is established in clinic department of the faculty of veterinary science after approval of the High Council of the Ministry of Higher Education in 2019.


The mission of the master program of clinical veterinary medicine is to educate veterinary professionals and acquire advance knowledge to address the contemporary needs of the society, including improvement of animal and human health programs.

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