Bill Duties

The main duties of the financial and administrative assistant of Kabul University are as follows:

cooperation with the president of the university in the financial, administrative and service sectors;

giving the necessary advice to the president of the university in the financial, administrative and service sectors;

Legal proceedings regarding the appointment, promotion and dismissal of non-academic members of the university;

Legal actions related to the implementation of pension rights of university employees;

Leading and supervising the activities and performances of the relevant offices;

Legal proceedings in financial, accounting, purchases, registration and collection of property and goods and other financial, administrative and service matters, including providing suitable transportation facilities for the transfer of employees and the implementation of educational activities effectively;Working above the normal and development budget of the university, considering the needs and developments;

Supervision of matters related to maintenance and care of buildings, green area and other related departments;

Legal actions regarding university assets and properties;

Ensuring sanitary conditions, cleanliness and cleanliness in the buildings and environment related to the university;

developing effective and comprehensive measures in matters related to electricity supply, water supply, heating of buildings, healthy cafeteria activities and supervision of the operations of various offices in the mentioned cases;

providing facilities and facilities Necessary for the implementation of practical field work of students;

and other duties assigned to him according to legal standards.

گالری رسانه

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