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Wed, Sep 28 2022 3:48 PM
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پیام تسلیت رهبری پوهنتون کابل

انا لله و انا الیه راجعون

با تأسف و تاثر عمیق اطلاع حاصل نمودیم که محترم‌ الحاج پوهاند دیپلوم انجنیر سید بهادر اکبر میر، استاد دیپارتمنت جیولوجی پوهنځی زمین شناسی پوهنتون کابل به رحمت . . .

Sun, Oct 18 2020 10:57 AM Kabul University
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A Holly Quran Recitation Ceremony was held at Kabul University on the occasion of the death of the late Dr. Alefshah Zadran

Quran Recitation Ceremony and commemoration for the death of the late Dr. AleFashah Zadran, professor of Kabul University at the Faculty of Social Sciences, on Wednesday, 14th Oct . . .

Sun, Oct 18 2020 10:41 AM Kabul University
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From 12th of Oct the » World Cane Safety Day (Blind) « was commemorated at Kabul University

On Wednesday, the 14th  of October 2020; "World White Cane Safety Day (Blind)" by the presence of Dr. Abbas Basir Acting Minister of Ministry of Higher Education, Dr. Mohammad Osman . . .

Tue, Oct 13 2020 1:46 PM
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An Exhibition of Islamic Art and Mosaic Work was held at Kabul University

Exhibition of 41 valuable Islamic Art and Mosaic Work was launched to introduce this art to the public and society at Kabul University, during a ceremony on Monday, 25th of Aug, 2020 . . .

Tue, Oct 13 2020 1:24 PM
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The 101 anniversary of Afghanistan's Independence is celebrated at Kabul University

The 101 anniversary of Afghanistan's independence is celebrated on Monday, August 17 at Kabul University.

The commemoration ceremony of the 101 anniversary of Afghanistan's . . .

Tue, Oct 13 2020 11:04 AM
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A Cultural Program of Poetry and Empathy Night among Students was held in the Dormitories of Kabul University

Poetry Night cultural program was held on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 22nd and 23rd Sep; 2020; by presence of the Chancellor of the University, Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs, . . .

گالری رسانه

Pictures album of the courtyard of Kabul University after a gentle and beautiful rain

Academic and research conference entitled "Study and Management of Afghanistan Water" to welcome the opening of Kamal Khan Dam

The National Seedlings Campaign at Kabul University Campus

Inauguration of the new building of Faculty of Public Policy and Mathematics of Kabul University

The Sympathy Video of the Silk Road Universities Students with their Friends at Kabul University