Chancellor Message

“Education is the weapon that can change the world.” Nelson Mandela
Three decades of war brought a situation where the realization of basic needs was the major attempt of the society in our country. But now, we see a new and far more different generation who is more active in terms of learning and contributing to the rehabilitation of Afghanistan by power of knowledge and wisdom and indeed, that’s a decade of change in soft power.
It is deemed virtuous to serve our students in gaining knowledge and as educators it is in the ethos at Kabul University to empower every learner who chooses to enter our portals. Driven by our founding philosophy of ‘Knowledge is power’, we believe in building a community of perpetual learners by enabling them to look beyond their abilities and achieve what they assumed impossible.
Kabul University has always standing as one of the top Universities in the country and has capacitated and offered the society with most talented and outstanding alumni. Looking at our historical existing from 86 years back, Kabul University stands out among all by the strongest network of alumni from president to minister and from directors to executive managers both at public and private sectors and much a lot with employability skills and capacity who formed businesses and engaged a significant number of employees in the current market.
our focus prolongs to enhance our contribution in teaching – learning and research endeavors by aiming to transform the University from the 1st generation to 2nd and 3rd generations so can our beloved alumni enjoy more of what they expect of their graduation from our Bachelor, Masters and PhD degree programs.
I welcome you to Kabul University in joining hands together in laying the foundation of your future endeavors in earning values, knowledge and wisdom