University Central Hostel

Services and facilities of Kabul University Central Male Dormitory for eligible students of Kabul University, Kabul Medical University and Shahid Ostad Rabbani Education.

The central male dormitory of Kabul University is designed in four blocks and 16 houses, has 192 rooms and has a capacity of 1536 students.

Students who are introduced to this institution by the faculties and the esteemed Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs of their respective universities will benefit from the following facilities and services:

  1. Livelihood Services:

The clothes needed by the students, including mattresses, pillows, blankets, rugs and carpets inside the room, will be officially delivered to the students by the management of the male dormitory, considering the work procedure, and after completing the semester courses, the existing clothes will be taken from the student again. To be redistributed to students from the beginning of the new semester.

  1. Meal Services:

Eligible students of the dormitory the board intended by the High Authority by the management of the central dormitory's food is a three-course meal of dormitories, which includes beef, rice, eggs, seasonal fruits, seasonal vegetables, liquid milk, root silo, dry bread and sugar. On a regular basis, according to the distribution of meal time, the process of obtaining materials from contractors to cooking and distribution to students is done by the Board of Examiners, the Dormitory Administration, the heads of faculties, esteemed university officials, esteemed officials of the Ministry of Higher Education and national procurement officials. The Republic and the students, including the dormitory, are constantly monitored.

3. Water, Electricity, Central Heating, Cleaning Services:

The male central dormitory has a regular and complementary electricity system and its water supply system has been adjusted to international standards. These services are managed by the required technical team in a standard way and are at the service of dear students.

The heating system of the central male dormitory is very modern and is in accordance with the standards that are used by students in winter until the end of the semester according to the law of the country.

Compared to other departments in Kabul University, cleanliness is a key factor in this institution and it is seriously taken care of. Other houses, vestibules, salons, study partitions, Mosque, kitchen, dining room and around the repair of the central male dormitory. It is continuously cleaned and sanitized by the service staff of the central male dormitory.

  1. Registration and Biometric System Services:

Other students who are introduced to this institution by the faculties through the esteemed Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs of the relevant university in this institution are officially registered and biometrics. .

  1. Computer lab and Internet Services:

The central male dormitory of Kabul University had a complete lap computer equipped with an modern system that is enough for 1500 students in 8 working hours and each student can use these services for one hour a day.

Sports Programs:

The Central Male Dormitory Office of Kabul University organizes sports tournaments of different disciplines in the Central Male Dormitory annually, and in the spring and autumn tournaments of Kabul University, dormitory teams also participate from this institution and compete in healthy sports.

Organizing Scientific and Cultural Programs:

The central male dormitory of Kabul University, with the full coordination of students, including the dormitory, is able to organize scientific, cultural and poetic programs and has played an active role in organizing the mentioned programs on a monthly basis. Promote mutual acceptance and the spirit of brotherhood and equality throughout the country.

It is noteworthy that the above-mentioned services for students, including the central male dormitory, are provided by 96 people and are directly managed by the general management of the central male dormitory, administrative deputy, student affairs deputy, Kabul University president and the Ministry of Higher Education


Females’ Dormitory of Kabul University:

  In 2004, the dormitory was completely renovated by USAID and was open to students from four universities: Kabul University, Kabul Medical University, Kabul Polytechnic University, and Shahid Ostad Rabbani University of Education, and now accommodates 1197 students.

  The current building of Kabul University's female dormitory has 4 wings, each wing has 4 halls with 12 six-person rooms, a kitchen and a toilet. In each room 8 to 10 students live; currently 1225 students from 34 provinces of the country are inhabited in the dormitory.

 The directorate of the women's dormitory can transfer 239 new students in 1399.

 Female dormitory of Kabul University has equipped kitchen and dining room, meeting room with staff and students, gym, computer room, health center, educational facilities such as library, computer and English classrooms to improve students' knowledge in the mentioned areas for female students.


 The library  of females’ dormitory is open for students from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

 After registering, the students use the required book and hand it over to the person in charge again.

Distribution of Clothes:

 This year, clothes such as pillows, quilts, blankets, mattresses, bedding, quilt sheets, etc. were distributed to the students of the dormitory.

 The mentioned clothes are kept by the students and checked by the teachers.

 Distribution of lockers to a number of students.

 The Gender Directorate of the females’ dormitory is collected cloths again by the on-call teachers during the public holidays to be redistributed to the students after the beginning of the new semester.

Livelihood Services:

  • The billboard of Excellency Presidency of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is reported for the teachers is prepared and handed over in the hall and daily by the meal director of the dormitory is prepared, and in the public kitchen of the dormitory, the teachers are baked and distributed by the dormitory cooks to the dormitory students three times.
  • Control and cleanness of kitchen, cooker and cooked male every day and taking samples before distribution by the general manager, food manager and on-call teachers.
  • Visit of the professors of the four central universities from all areas of the dormitory, especially from the kitchen.
  • Collaboration of students in kitchen like preparing vegetables and other services.
  • Students' breakfast are served from 6:30 to 8:00 in the morning, lunch from 11:30 to 2:00 and evening from 6:30 to 8:00.

Kabul University Dormitories are a Good Place for Students:

  Despite the shortage of staff, the dormitory management cleans 16 halls daily by service personnel, and also a number of students work together to clean and wash the halls during the holidays.

•    The four surroundings of the dormitory are cleaned daily by gardeners.

  Use disinfectants daily in all dormitory corridors/ halls.  

 All rooms and centers, including: internet room, computer room, Mosque, health center, recreation room, gym and tailor's room are cleaned twice a week by service staff.







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