Educational Management Master's program

Educational Management program was founded in 1392(2013) in department of Educational Management, faculty of Psychology and educational sciences. Since its establishment, three classes with a total number of 66 students were graduated from this program. Currently the program has three classes with a total number of 79 students. This program has two methods of enrollment; (1) open competition, (2) specific for Ministry of Education.



This program addresses the country’s urgent need for education experts and it educate strong leaders in the field of educational management. The program role is to improve field of management and good governance in the country by graduating competent cadres. Graduates of this program will focus their knowledge and expertise on provision of quality education service to the public and address the existing gaps in this sector toward a better society. Additionally inconsideration of the society’s needs, this program embeds the culture of research, design of practical approaches and evidence based systems in order to improve bases of educational management and leadership in the country.



The aim of master in education management program is to educate qualified human resources with expertise in the field of education. The program also improves professional skills of its beneficiaries for the public and private educational institutions in Afghanistan. The program efforts are invested to align the policy making process in the country based on professional and evidence based approaches which is consist of planning, designing, logical decision making, result based evaluation and analysis of education systems. The master of education management is designed to train and educate professional and committed leaders/managers for governmental and non-governmental institutions in the country.


The program is designed to coach education experts for public and private organizations in Afghanistan. The program main objectives are as following;

  • To graduate education experts.
  • To improve educational system in the society.
  • To increase capacity of education managers and leaders.
  • Provision of practical and professional skills to educational experts.
  • To embed culture of professionalism, effective curriculum design and use of technology in the educational sector.
  • To establish effective communication and coordination channel within the educational sector.
  • To build capacity of public and private university professor and employees.

Criteria and Requirements

To graduate from this program the students need to successfully complete 48 credits including; optional, specialized, prerequisite and basic subject which is explained in the program curriculum. The program has thesis requirement at the end of the program which has seven credits and will be completed at the end of the program.

This MA program is supported by Ministry of education.

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