University Student Sport

The Sports Department under the auspices of the Student Affairs Vice Chancellor of Kabul University offers its activities and services to male and female students of Kabul University.

This department has sport halls in different fields for various sports and in addition of its official and professional trainers; it has voluntary trainers for both male and female students. 

The Sports Department of Kabul University is committed for providing facilities and facilities for attracting female and male students to sports and identifying their elite growth figures at the national and international levels. Introducing sports at the level of Kabul University and the community.

In terms of attracting students in different sports, competitions, creating new teams and develop selected teams and fields, it prepares its salons according to the division of time and puts them for students’ service.

In addition to the existing disciplines; for the new disciplines the Sports Directorate also forms new teams to attract students’ attention and interest in sports. Like creating a new freestyle wrestling team. It also plans for those students who do not pursue sports professionally to pursue sports freely and individually to ensure a healthy hobby.

Sports are generally divided into two categories, group and individual.

Group disciplines such as football, volleyball, cricket, basketball...

Individual disciplines such as wrestling, judo, Samyou Kurash, Jiu Josu, Male Wushu Fitness, female Fitness…

All these disciplines are briefly introduced:

Football (Soccer):

This sport is very popular among male students; Therefore; Kabul University is at the service of students with a standard football field.

Considering this issue, the Sports Directorate organizes football matches every year according to its plan among all students of Kabul University, and by identifying the top characters and developing the talents of the young generation and introducing athletes to the federations of the Physical Education Department and The National Olympic Committee recognizes the commitment of athletes within Kabul University.


Volleyball is a sport that has its own special place among male and female students. The sports directorate has a standard gymnasium at the national level.

In addition to having a national level gymnasium, the Sports Directorate also has professional trainers in this field, and by holding volleyball competitions every year, it attracts elite characters among the students of the selected team of Kabul University.

The selected volleyball team of the university conducts its training three days a week. Female students are also interested in the sport of volleyball. The sports directorate of the female team has also created this field and has prepared a gymnasium for female students according to the time table. Trainers have been introduced for them to carry out their trainings on a regular basis.

Other students and staff of Kabul University can do their exercise according to their schedule in this Gymnasium.


Basketball has its own special fans; this sport is also active in the gymnasium of Kabul University and the sports directorate of Kabul University has a professional teacher in this field.

According to the timetable of the Sports Directorate, male and female athletes carry out their training.


This sport is also very popular among students, and the sports directorate holds cricket competitions among the students of Kabul University every year and considers that; its duty to identify and find talent among students and form a selected and growing team of this sport at Kabul University. This year, the selected cricket team of Kabul University has been introduced to the National Cricket Academy, they get training three days a week.


Futsal is a field that is popular among students, staff and professors. Kabul University Sports Department has a futsal team for male and female students and they train in separate times according to the division of sports department times.

Individual courses:


Judo is one of the martial arts disciplines and has a special costume (called judo truncheon). In this field, Kabul University has a selected team and every year, according to its annual plan, it holds competitions in this field for the students of Kabul University. Then introduce the famous candidates to the Olympic Committee participate in the competitions on behave of Kabul University.


A martial arts champion which has its own special fans. The sports directorate also holds competitions in this field every year.To identify the talents of this field among the students and to make them proud at the national and international level under the name of Kabul University and our beloved country.


This sport was created by the Honorary Professor of the Sports Directorate of Sami in Afghanistan in 2010. At Kabul University, both male and female are interested and their training is carried out according to the division of sports directorate time. This sport has been introduced to other countries like India; Pakistan and Iran.


Boxing is a martial art that has its fans among male and female students. This field is also active in Kabul University and the selected team of Kabul University conducts it according to the time table.


This field also has its fans and conducts its exercises according to the time table.

In addition to the mentioned disciplines, the Sports Directorate has a plan for professors, male and female students and employees who want to exercise. Like sports fitness that everyone can do, which is a good field for having fun, this department has a bodybuilding salon which is a good opportunity for all students and staff to do exercise.


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