SWOT Analysis

Strengths,Weakness,Opportunities and Threats :



  • Having effective academic programs in different levels: BA, MA and PhD
  • Strong managerial and having qualified academic cadre
  • Existence of appropriate academic environment
  • Honour of taking the brilliant students from schools all around the country
  • Having play grounds for sport fans
  • Having work potential in 96 academic programs
  • Having different sources
  • Having historical academic freedom
  • Having clear strategic plans for all academic program or 96 departments
  • Lack of taking responsibility in some aspects
  • Neglecting of documentation from the research works
  • Lack of the staff knowledge to use technology
  • Lack of research on social affairs
  • Lack of clear programs for the admin officers
  • Unfamiliarzing of the admins to use technology
  • Lack of volunteerism culture
  • Lack of academic and Financial freedom



  • Positive attitude and outlook of the government responsible
  • Having specific national place and rank
  • Existence of the highest interest among the learners to join Kabul University
  • The highest reliability of people toward the Kabul University
  • Having national and international partnerships
  • Having the supports and cares of the government leaders
  • Eagerness of the public and private organizations to hold graduate programs through Kabul University
  • Paving the ground for the graduates to work in governmental and non-governmental agencies
  • Lack of funds to apply essential activities
  • Lack of enough budget for infrastructure facilities
  • Lack of students’ demands based on some specific issues
  • Poor evaluation system
  • Lack of management and evaluation system
  • Complicated governmental procedures and rules
  • Lack of connection with the society
  • Unfair judgements on university

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