The Successful Women’s Festival is organized by the Creativity and Capacity Building Foundation at KU

Abdul Hai Alamyar
Thu, Feb 04 2021 12:00 PM

The successful women's festival is held on Monday 1st of Feb; 2021 by the Creativity and Innovation Foundation with the presence of hundreds of women participants in the central auditorium of Kabul University.

Prof. Dr. M. Osman Babury Chancellor of Kabul University, delivered his speech at the announcement of the results of the festival, which was attended by hundreds of participants, expressed his satisfaction for the organization of this program. Dr. Babury mentioned that women despite the suffering and misfortune in the country in various sectors are active and praised those who made it to the final stage of the festival and called them the self-motivated and vibrant part of the country. Dr. Babury said that these women need to continue to enhance their knowledge and effective activities and to fill the gaps of women in various fields.

Sayeed Ahmad Obaidi, the Director of this institution and representatives of some other departments of the country, each addressed this program and appreciated the activities and achievements of women of the country, emphasized on the continuation and strengthening of these efforts and supported the outcomes of these women.

In this festival, which was attended by about 700 active women from different sectors by passing various courses and competitions, 100 candidates were awarded commendations as successful women and statues and exquisite prizes were awarded to the top 15 of them.

The Creativity and Capacity Building Foundation said that the purpose of holding this festival is to appreciate the activities and functions of women; who despite the war and injustices in the country, still believe in justice and work in various fields. A number of these women in the awards ceremony and commendation statements emphasized on further effort and effective activities and mentioned their activities would be non-stop and surrender.


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