The Students Vaccination Process of Higher Education Institutions at KU has begun

Abdul Hai Alamyar
Wed, Jul 28 2021 5:22 PM

The second round of vaccination process for students, professors and staff of Kabul University to take measures to start the university's courses began on Wednesday, 28th of July 2021, by the presence of the Minister of Higher Education, Ministry of Public Health and Kabul University students.

Dr. Abbas Basir, Minister of Higher Education, delivered his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the process, which was held at Kabul University, Dr. Basir while expressing his satisfaction with the beginning of this process, said: "Unfortunately, the outbreak of the Corona-virus, in addition to harming world affairs, Afghanistan and especially the country's higher education system." It has caused serious affect, one of the serious problems of which is the cancel of physical classes on the one hand; the low capacity and lack of access to the Internet and technology and lack of access of students and professors in all parts of the country to internet to follow online courses.

 The corona virus may be a permanent disease in which, if the outbreak continues, the country's education system and higher education sector will be further damaged and students, who are the beating heart of society, will stop working. Therefore, since both the diligent initiation and persistence of physical classes are important for the governing board of the higher education sector and the health of students, professors and staff of higher education institutions; and after consultations with the leadership of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Public Health, it was decided that the process of vaccinating students should begin, and then, if there are reports of cases of corona-virus infection are decreased, university courses should be started gradually, so that all students of Higher education institutions will be vaccinated; and its required before attending their classes.

Dr. Basir added that vaccines are available to all students in the country and that the vaccination process will continue until the beginning of the lessons, so that having a vaccination card is required when entering the classrooms and dormitories of Kabul University and other higher education institutions.

The process of vaccination of Kabul University students, which is started on Wednesday, 28th July 2021, will continue until the beginning of the lessons at Kabul University, and dear students must be vaccinated by attending Kabul University or other health centers in their city and provinces.


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