The Scientific Seminar about "Kamal Khan's Water Dam and the Study of Agricultural Growth, Economic Development and its Legal-Political Issues" were developed by Kabul University Governing Board and the Ministry of Higher Education

Abdul Hai Alamyar
Thu, Mar 11 2021 10:38 AM

The scientific seminar of Kamal Khan's Water Dam and the study of agricultural growth, economic development and its legal issues by the governing board and professors of Kabul University, while the Minister of Higher Education, the Academic Affairs of the Ministry, as well as officials and a number of students of public and private universities in the country were online participants in three sections of scientific speeches, providing scientific and research conferences related to the subject and the inauguration of two books with the Issues of Water Issues were held on Wednesday, 10th March 2021 in the Ministry of Higher Education.

Prof. M. Osman Babury Chancellor of Kabul University had speech in the opening of this seminar and called water the open source of humanity and nature and said: "water management, especially the establishment of Kamal Khan's Water Dam on the climate, economy, agriculture and social life, has an important and vital impact". Dr. Babur;  appreciated and thanked the president of Republic of Afghanistan for his serious attention to the country's water resources and to his guidance to conduct scientific research in the universities, and the role of universities in the important scientific research; therefore; Kabul University is committed to do further scientific research on this matter.

Dr. Abbas Basir Minister of Higher Education talked and thanked Kabul University for its initiative for conducting scientific research and seminar, expressed hope that simultaneously opening and importing the subject of Kamal Khan's Water Dam, to provide the research opportunity to investigate the management mechanism in regional and International level. Dr. Basir said that while about 80% of the country's economic depends on agricultural and water resources, and according to the predictions, by 2026, water requires 6 folds and, on the other hand, water and water resources are reduced annually, the issue of water is considered controversial and serious issues in the current policies, and in this section, research and studies are taken by Afghanistan’s government governing boards. Dr. Basir added that, fortunately, the Ministry of Higher Education has now taken a research-based approach that the organization of this scientific seminar is the initiative steps of Kabul University.

Prof. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai the Deputy Minister of Academic Affairs of MoHE , during his speech in this seminar, considered the management discussion one of the most important topics around the world; he said: "the governments are managed as much as water and interaction with water issues and discussions; it will also reduce the economic poverty". Prof. Balakarzai considered the targeted and consciousness researches as one of the major roles of the universities of the country and considered the role of these institutions in awareness to save and effective use of it.

In the other part of this program, four seminars about: "Kamal Khan's Water Dam in order to implement the 1351 issue about Helmand water and the Helmand water treaty from sign to implement; challenges and solutions" is performed by Porf. Najib Aqa Fahim Professor of Kabul University," Assessment of Helmand Aquarium and the role of Kamal Khan's Water Dam" research of M. Naeem Eqrar; and "the Effect of Environment on Afghanistan Water" by research of Porf. Ab. Ghas Safi Dean of the faculty of Geology of Kabul University were presented to the participants, followed by two books with titles of "Planning and Designs of Dike" and "Resources, Politics and Structure of the Afghanistan’s Water Foundation" the written books by Porf. Ab. Qaum Karim and M. Naeam Eqrar were also launched.

Other conferences are scheduled simultaneously with the opening of Kamal Khan's Water Dam in relation to water resources and the importance of the establishment of Kamal Khan's Water Dam by Kabul University during the coming days.



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