The Royal Norwegian Embassy’s Ambassador in Afghanistan has met with the Chancellor of Kabul University.

Abdul Hai Alamyar
Wed, Jan 06 2021 4:49 PM

Mr. Ole Andreas Lindeman Ambassador of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kabul, and his accompanying delegation met with Prof. Dr. M. Osman Babury Chancellor of Kabul University and both sides discussed on mutual interest issues.

During the meeting, which took place at 12:30 pm on Tuesday at the Chancellor’s office of Kabul University, Mr. Lindeman Ambassador of the Norwegian Country in Kabul, first spoke and expressed his satisfaction for the grounding this meeting. Then he talked on summary of Scientific-Cultural Programs of the Norwegian Embassy in Kabul, how to establish and strengthen scientific cooperation between Kabul University and Norwegian academic institutions, and he expressed regret and sympathy for the 2nd Nov incident at Kabul University. Consequently; he talked about additional establishment of cooperation and collaboration between Kabul University and academic institutions of this country and emphasized on how to strengthen it.

Then, Prof. Dr. M. Osman Babury, expressed his pleasure with this meeting, welcomed the presence of the Norwegian embassy delegation at Kabul University and expressed his gratitude and appreciation for Mr. Lindeman’s speech about cooperation and various programs of Norway in various fields, especially in the scientific and cultural fields of Afghanistan. In addition; he appreciated the establishment and strengthening of scientific cooperation between Kabul University and the academic institutions of Norway. Dr. Babury in addition reminded the new programs of Kabul University, including the change plan of Kabul University and said: "establishing and expanding scientific mutual cooperation with foreign institutions is one of the main parts of this plan and based on it, Kabul University will establish all kind of cooperation with scientific institutions of  Norwegian country and announced its enthusiasm, which is resulted in the two sides working on how to set up this cooperation and put it into action".

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