Message from Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

It is my enormous pleasure to effectively serve our students and faculty, as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Kabul University, to meet their educational needs. Kabul University has started its academic journey as the first and mother university in 1932 with the commencement of the faculty of Medicine. Year by year, Kabul University has had good progress in establishing new schools and departments with the support of the international community. By now, there are 21 schools and 96 departments accommodating 24500+ enrolled students taught by 896 qualified instructors in their respective field of expertise most of them are holding PhD and master degrees from prestigious universities across the world.  

Our strategy is governed by five major goals, enhancing the quality of teaching; responsiveness to the socio-economic development of the country; students’ satisfaction; to become a fully autonomous public university; and transforming KU from a knowledge based university to a research oriented, knowledge creator, wealth creation and entrepreneur one.

Because of the rapid changes in science and technology and the needs in society, we are continually building, sustaining, and modifying our academic programs to ensure that we are providing a quality education while maintaining the accreditation standards of each program. This is why we have succeeded to offer 68 bachelor degree programs, 21 master level and two PhD programs in our campus. Additionally, we offer co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which shape our students’ physical, mental and intellectual growth.

Furthermore, KU established collaborative partnership with business, government, and other higher education institutions in and out of the country. Our instructors and dedicated administrative staff attempt and my personal commitment is to help our students to generate innovative ideas, knowledge and skills requisite for social benefits.

On behalf of the Kabul University community, I assure our students that we are committed to help you obtain your objectives of life and make the university family proud of your achievements.

Prof. Mohammad Shafi Sharifi

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

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