Message of the Faculty Dean

The faculty of Biology is one of the newly established faculties in Kabul University which started operating in 1395. It is the only faculty in the country level that has two departments -Zoology and Botany- and offers Biology students with of Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. Efforts are underway to establish Biotechnology as a third department.

The foundation of Biology such as Anatomy, Physiology, Morphology, Diversity, Functions, and Evolution of Plants and Animals are being taught in the faculty of Biology, and plays a significant role in the community in advancing the knowledge of young generation.

The faculty of Biology provides quality and professional education to students who in turn have been serving as school teachers, university lecturers, scientists, managers and employers in the community.

The annual admission of faculty of Biology is between 100-120 students, and efforts are being made to increase number of annual admission in the future.

Despite all the restrictions and lack of facilities and equipment, I am satisfied about the development and progress over the past two years. I wish that faculty of Biology, with the tireless support of its personnel, will achieve its ambitious academic goals and objectives in the near future.


Dean of Faculty of Biology

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