Message of the Faculty Dean

The Kabul University is the best, great and the first university in Afghanistan which has 21 faculties and each faculty has several branches. Before 2016, Faculty of Physics was a department of science faculty at Kabul University. Department of physics promoted to Faculty of Physics in 2106. The faculty graduates to serve afghan people a lot of graduated people.

The philosophy of Physics Faculty of found is to develop technology, industry and physics high quality education in Afghanistan. Physicist’s thinks and researches are caused development science, technology and industry in each country that has physicists. Therefore, the roles of physics in technology and industry development is important. The graduated physics students have graceful in citizen comfort and national strategy plans to developing adjustment.

  Faculty of Physics graduates to serve Afghan people and physics students in high quality. The faculty use all their facilities, teacher’s experiments, and all of their power for high quality graduation students.

The revised curriculums is standard, useful, and region’s criteria that based on these points:

  • The curriculum is related directly to industry and technology
  • The curriculum is based to solve  our society problems
  • The curriculum has a great rule to improve human comfort lives
  •  The curriculum based on work markets and market’s needs

The curriculum is codified on up points and teaches the curriculum by update methods.

I am very pleased as dean of faculty and one of teachers that faculty has standard teaching materials and methods. Must be remind, the Faculty of Physics has high potential to start master degree program and will start in early.

In finally, thank you from teachers that works hardly. And wish best for all teachers and students.

With my best wishes to all collogues and staff to continue the work till achieving our goals and objectivs.


Professor. Zalmai Ahmadzai

Dean of Physics Faculty


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