Message from the Faculty Dean

It is to say that language naturally in its lowest level that is communication is a pillar of life. A very important issue that its obviousness has influenced its complexity and its importance. Not only language but also literature during the existence of human beings had been counted as “soul food”, and people had been living with it and had interest in it. In today’s world, human beings also love and are interested in literature. Books, poems, lyrics, proverbs, stories, and legends which are related to language show the wide area of literature. In addition, different languages and literature of countries represent different cultures of nations that people through it show their wants, values, religion, fears, rules, sense of patriotism, imaginations, perspectives, joy and happiness, and in total their identity. Language and literature has valuable and worthwhile role in individual and social development of a society.

Considering the importance of language and literature, the goal of establishing this faculty has been training youth of the country in order to describe and express history and culture of countries and introducing these phenomena to worlds through research and studies. Moreover, the other goal of this faculty is to train experienced and conscious teachers in different fields of education. Training and educating writers and investigators is also the main goal of this faculty.

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature is committed to offer scholarly and professional students to the society. The teachers of this faculty use new student-centered methods to teach their students based on international universities standards. I hope our graduates will be able to undertake professional, legal and moral responsibilities to better represent our faculty’s principles and to carry our academic messages to the society.

Best Regard

Professor Mohammad Ismail Naseri

Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature

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