Message of the Faculty Dean

Faculty of Pharmacy, Kabul University was founded in 1338 Hijri, and is one of the prestigious faculty of Kabul University. Faculty of Pharmacy has 6 departments, where students are taught and educated with high academic grade professors having PHD, Masters and Bachelor’s degrees. Faculty is equipped with ten different scientific laboratories, which are used for practical education of students and research purposes of both students and professors. Educational curriculum of faculty has been revised and developed in accordance with profession and society requirements and on the basis of international standards. Students study for five years and graduate with a degree of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D). Moreover, Students have an internship program in tenth semester, which is conducted under the guidance of supervisors in teaching hospitals, drug quality control laboratories, water and food control laboratories, biological sample analysis laboratories, governmental community pharmacies, and drug production factories. On the basis of new developed curriculum of faculty, in seventh semester students can enter specific department (Industrial Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical biology) by choosing the specific subjects of department according to their wish. Faculty of Pharmacy Kabul University, as an institution with a long history of government credibility, realizes that great scientific developments in the field of pharmacy have been unveiled nationally and internationally, as well as paying attention to potential gaps in the health sector to create new job opportunities through bringing tangible adjustments to the goal of enriching the curriculum by enrichment of existing subjects or addition of new subjects and more attention is being paid to the clinicalization of the pharmacy profession. The faculty plans to start the master's program in pharmaceutical sciences in 1400AH, preparations of which are being completed by the faculty master's committee.

Moreover, the faculty has a scientific-research journal called Dermal, in which the scientific-research articles of Pharmacy Faculty professors and related faculties are being published. The faculty intends to make this journal online and strives to standardize it as much as possible. The faculty had a scientific dual memorandum with Lyon University of France, which was renewed in 1398 AH. The faculty has signed memorandum of understanding with Kabul University of Medical Sciences, Khatam al-Nabiin University, Afghanistan Nuclear Energy Administration, and the National Standards Office of Afghanistan. Memorandums of Understanding are to be signed with the Ministry of Public Health and the General Directorate of Agricultural Research department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Ministry of Afghanistan. In addition to teaching and education, the faculty also pays attention to the scientific research department, and the professors undertake research projects in order to carry out academic promotions and attract the financial support of the World Bank for different research projects.

The findings of research projects have been published in national and international journals. Delivery and presentation of services is one of the pillars of higher education institutions, the faculty has played its role in service sector too, for example pharmaceutical products are submitted by the Ministry of Public Health which are analyzed by professors, in the light of the autonomic and independent regulation of universities, through which faculty plays an important role in availability of safe, effective and good quality products to the public. Faculty professors make a valuable contribution to community development through active participation in various committees outside the faculty and Kabul University (Ministry of Higher Education and Public Health, National Standards Office, regulatory affairs of medicine and etc). The faculty hopes to achieve as much success as possible by implementing the action plan, which is clearly set out in the Kabul University Plan.

With due respect

Associate professor Aqa Mohammad Zhakfar

Dean of Pharmacy Faculty

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