Message of the Faculty Dean

At present, advancements in science, technology and the development of human societies require the extra attention to be paid to chemistry for the preparation and manufacturing of chemicals as well as analysis of materials. These materials have broad applications in different areas and industries such as construction, food, drugs, detergents, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, environmental safety (water and air filters) and producing the technological devices like mobile phones, lithium batteries, communication and telecommunication devices.

Improving the quality of education in the field of chemistry, in accordance with the needs of society, will ensure the economic growth of country by inducing positive effect on various public and private sectors. For instance, the need for the use of chemicals (in medicine, fruit and food processing) and the chemical methods (to determine the quality of air and water), is increasing, necessitating the following of updated education and teaching methods, which may induce a profound effect on all aspects of life.

Specialists and researchers in the field of chemistry, should make great efforts to meet the urgent needs of the society. Considering this principle, the Faculty of Chemistry (FoC) of Kabul University is committed to providing effective services and programs for the students and the scientific community of the country. Professors and staff of the Faculty of Chemistry are constantly trying to change, standardize, and update the teaching materials and methods in accordance with the needs of the community as well as the local market, the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education, and international standards.

Graduated students of the FoC, Kabul University, are engaged as lecturers in educational institutions and specialized staff in industrial-manufacturing factories. In addition, graduated students of this faculty are placed in governmental sectors such as Ministries of Mines and Petroleum, Trade and Industry, Rural Development, Norms and Standards, and Department of Environment, in order to determine the quality of imported materials, food, oil and gas.

Finally, we ask the Almighty God to grant the graduated students of this faculty the ability to assume specialized and ethical responsibilities during their professional and personal life in order to represent the message of this faculty.

With respect

Dean of Chemistry faculty

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