Message of the Faculty Dean


The progress and development of today societies significantly depend on computer and information technology. Well trained computer scientists ensures the development and economic growth of society and bring transparency in governmental and private sector processes. Computer Science applications and services are new, complex, and the rapid changes in technology affect the process of educational delivery and require to develop effective pedagogical teaching and learning environment.


Computer Science faculty at Kabul University is committed to offer both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, in order to train educated graduates with technical knowledge and practical skills. The academic staff of Computer Science Faculty continuously update the study materials and teaching methods in accordance with the trends of Computer Science field, regulations of higher education, International standards, OBE (Outcome Based Education) norms, local market needs, and students- and graduates’ feedback. The courses in our curriculum address theoretical, analytical, and practical skills in software development, information systems management, and information technology that enable graduates for a systematic and disciplined approach to meet the growing needs and demands of computerized systems.


Our goal is to provide an inspiring and motivating environment for the welfare of our academic members, admin staff, and students. We wish success for our students and hope them to carry the message that best represent Computer Science Faculty and Kabul University.

Dean of Computer Science Faculty

Kabul University


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