Message of Dean of the Faculty

الحمدلله وحده و الصلوة و السلام علی من لا نبی بعده

Today's world is the age of exchanging information. Due to Telecommunication and Information Technology scholars' and experts' hard work and effort the world has changed to a village. During  two past decades, our beloved country Afghanistan also started moving with this convoy of human growth and improvement. But still there is "digital gap" in our country. Still, there is an extreme need for training and educating professional and  expert staff in this sector in order to decrease this gap. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Faculty with its continues efforts tries that our society does not stay back from this convoy of human development.

In other hand, using technology has a crucial role in different aspects of life like,  economy, commerce, security, government, health and education. Bravely, we can say that there would be less part of life which is not affected by technology therefore, for generalizing the usage and implementation of technology in different aspects of life Information and Communication Technology Faculty is committed and responsible.

Information and Communication Technology Faculty is committed in training professional and qualified staff and wants to train and present creative, innovative, knowledgeable students with patriotism moral, keeping national and Islamic values, sense of serving to people and collaboration to the society.

Information and Communication Technology Faculty based on its existing limited facilities and situation is the only academic institution that trains and presents professional staff in Telecommunication major in bachelor degree. Beside, the governmental offices the alumni of this Faculty are working with private sector like mobile and internet services companies and through this way the serve to their families and community.


Dean of ICTI Faculty

Kabul University

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