Mathematics Master’s Program

Mathematics are an important part of science; it is impossible to develop natural science without mathematics. Therefor mathematics with Physic department was established in 1942 as a department of faculty of Science when a need was felt.

Faculty of Science has established in 1942 it had two departments, Mathematics-Physics and Chemistry-Biology.

In 1969 as needed the academic structure and curriculum of the faculty have changed, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology become separately departments and became more professional.

On 1985 Master program of mathematics, was established, this first master program has only 6 student and conducted by 4 Professors.

Curriculum of this program was include of 4 general, 6 fundamental, 14 specific subjects, and master thesis. This 5 semester master program was finished on 1988.

Due to security and political situation this program was stoped.

Mathematics department officially upgrade to the Mathematics faculty in 2016.

This faculty consist four departments; Mathematical analysis, Algebra, Applied mathematics and General mathematics.

Now for second time mathematic faculty of Kabul University begin to start master program in mathematics.


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