Learning Methods

In FoC, in order to transfer new knowledge and achievements in the field of chemistry, different teaching methods are used. Teaching of various subjects is done theoretically and scientifically by the faculty members in accordance with the contents of the subjects that are included in the syllabus.

In order to teach effectively, teachers use PowerPoints of previously prepared topics related to their topics. In addition, students benefit from lecture-notes, standard textbooks, the Internet, libraries, and digital resources to enhance their knowledge. In addition, to acquire the necessary skills and abilities in different laboratories, students perform their adaptive work under the supervision of professors, scientific and technical assistants. Likewise, counseling courses and conferences are occasionally held at the faculty to solve educational problems and transfer new achievements in the field. In the laboratories of this faculty, practical works are performed so that students in groups of 20 can have different experiences in the fields of chemical technology, qualitative and quantitative analytical chemistry, general and inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, quantum and thermodynamics.

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