Lab and Library

The maximum number of daily lectures of each department are held in laboratories, several laboratories run by one person and controlled by a department, the in charge person submit their report to the head of the department.


The labs are under the supervision of departments.

A. Laboratories of the Department of Hydro-meteorology:

Laboratory of Meteorology

Laboratory Hydrology

Water Resources Management Laboratory

Mechanical meteorological station

Meteorological station

B. Laboratories of the Department of Geography:

Map Drawing lab

GIS laboratory

C. Laboratories of the Department of Geology:

Crystallography and drawing

Microscopy of stones and Remo sensing

Hydro-Chemical and Soil Science

Geo-engineering and Sedimentary rocks

Micropaleontology and Macro-paleontology

Seismic Lab

Geological Museum (Mineral Prospectus)


The Faculty of Geo-Science has a library that has more than 10,000 volumes of books in geosciences such as hydrology, geography, metrology, geology, environment, etc. every day students and professors use them base on their need. Library administrative matters are arranged by the director of the library.

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