The KU Alumni Council is established and former officials of the KU Students' Union are honored

Abdul Hai Alamyar
Sat, Jan 16 2021 4:36 PM

The Kabul University Students' Alumni Council is established on Thursday, 14th Jan 2020 during a ceremony by the presence of the Vice-Chancellor of Students Affairs of Kabul University, professors, students and members of the union in the conference hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts. And during this ceremony the performance of previous officials of the Students' Union are praised.

Mr. Mustafa Arian Director of Kabul University’s Students’ Union, first thanked the former colleagues for their useful and effective work within the framework of this union, and then spoke about the existence of this Kabul University Alumni Council among the thousands of Kabul University graduates and considered it a necessity and introduced the framework and working principles of this council, and provided information about its future plans as well as the future plans of the Kabul University Students' Union. Mr. Arian considered the students as a fundamental aspect of Kabul University and emphasized on strengthening more coordination between them, highlighted their valuable activities and plans.

Then, Prof. Faisal Amin Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs of Kabul University; spoke about this program, with the development of new communication technology, called the position and role of students useful and important for joint work and student coordination. Prof. Faisal Amin expressed his satisfaction with the establishment of the Alumni Council of Kabul University and in part of his speech, referring to the development of a new program of change of Kabul University, pointed to a series of limitations in the student service departments; that by implementation of this program and students union cooperation would be effective for these problems and would be solved one after another.

In the other part of this program, a short documentary about the functions of the Students' Union from its inception in 2016 until now is shown, and during a direct interview with each of Ahmad Fahim Azimi, Javid Faros and Omid Mehryar, former directors of students union   respectively their experiences and memories, the perspective of the union and its functions in the cultural sectors; scientific and sports information was provided. Each of them related to the participation of university students in the cultural union's and social programs, participation and commenting on students' problems in more than 25 sessions of the Academic Council and Governing Board of Kabul University, establishing useful and effective communication with national and international institutions and universities. They also talked about the purpose of the work for the students and other areas.

At the end of the program, the Alumni Council of Kabul University is officially established and the temporary board of directors of the council, directed by M. Fahim Azimi, Ali Juma Nazari, was elected as the deputy; and Beheshteh Nazir as the secretary of the council. Mr. Azimi and Ali Mahdavi the administrative deputy of the students' union also provided the necessary information about the perspective and other goals and plans of this council.

Kabul University Students' Union has a long history of several decades, but its new activities began in 2016, which first began with the formation of the committee of distinguished students and over time its organization became richer and wider. The Kabul University Students' Union was re-established in 2016 under the chairmanship of Mohammad Fahim Azimi and then under the chairmanship of Mr. Javid Faros, Mr. Omid Ahmad Mehryar and now under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohammad Mostafa Arian, who were elected by secret ballot of Kabul University Students'. This Union is a student, cultural, non-profit and non-political organization that main purpose is to address students' problems and to organize cultural, scientific, sports, and ……... programs to improve students' capacity.

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