Kabul University is Grateful for the Sympathy of the Academic Community

Abdul Hai Alamyar
Thu, Nov 12 2020 11:15 AM

On the occasion of the tragic and bloody incident of the 2nd Nov 2020 at Kabul University, which left a number of martyrs and wounded professors and students, messages of sympathy have been sent to this university by a number of public and private higher education institutions and academic personalities. These messages are a sign of the unity of the academic community and a symbol of academic unity in difficult times. It is believed that these messages are effective in strengthening the convergence and psychological condition of the victims of this tragic incident.

Kabul University expresses its gratitude and appreciation to these respected partners, to each and every one of them, including national and international academic personalities and academic institutions whose names are mentioned below, and wishes them eternal health and happiness:

  • Professor Stephen J. Topi, President of the University of Cambridge - USA;
  • Oliver Hyunne Van, Head of Cultural Affairs at the French Embassy in Kabul;
  • Ryan Etard et al. From Monash University - Australia;
  • Dr. Giuni P. Gould, President of the University of Nebraska - USA;
  • Dr. Pia Giamshu, President of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development- Nepal;
  • Mr. Huang Qingzhou, President of Taiwan University of Technology;
  • Associated Professor Mr. Mohammad Jakfar, President of the National Union of Afghan Pharmacy;
  • Dr. Mohammad Taghi Ahmadi, President of Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran  Iran;
  • Dr. Abuzar Ebrahimi, the President of Iran Islamic Culture and Communications 
  • Dr. Ali Ahmad Yousefi, President of Kateb University;
  • Abdul Rashid Aqbal President of Kabul Polytechnic University
  • Mathild Wanadoo, President of MSF Paris - France;
  • Prof. Dr. Aziz-ur-Rehman Hakami, President of the Association of Afghan Scientists and Specialists in Madrid, Spain;
  • Jan Hyung Rey, Ambassador of the Korean Embassy in Kabul;
  • Michael W. Blundell, President of AHEAD Foundation - USAID;
  • Dr. Tobias Sunder, President of the University of Philips - Marburg, Germany;
  • Ambassador Wahidullah Waissi, Ambassador of Afghanistan at Canberra - Australia;
  • Hamidullah Anvari, Director of UNO / EAP;
  • President of Allameh Tabatabai University of Tehran - Iran;
  • Dr. Mohammad Kafi, President of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad - Iran;
  • Dr. Said Saidi; President of Iran University of Science and Culture;
  • Dr. Abbas Afkhami, President of D-8 International University of Iran;
  • Professor Margaret Gardner, President of Monash University - Melbourne, Australia;
  • Scana Julie Q.A. President of the Human Rights Committee of England - Wales - England;
  • Dr. Hossein Ali Ghobadi, Director of the Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology - Iran;
  • Dr. Bobby Acharia, Margarita D. Giovanna Nantonio and Kate Shaw, officials of the International Center for Theoretical Physics;
  • Dr. Davood Rafigpour, President of the Institute of Plant Biodiversity from the University of Bonn, Germany;
  • Mr. Valery Ivo Chinko, President of the Ukrainian-Afghan Chamber of Commerce;
  • Mr. Hamidreza Nili Sani, President of the Statistics Association of Iran - from Birjand University - Iran;
  • Mr. Farid Hayward, a retired professor at the University of Wisconsin;
  • Mr. Timor, former Vice Chancellor of the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF);
  • Dr. Wahid Omar, Deputy chief of party AHEAD advancing higher education for Afghanistan's development;
  • Dr. Kenneth Holland, Professor at Indiana University;
  • Wolf Plesmann, Head of the Max Planck Institute;
  • Dr. Mustafa Naseri International governance expert & researcher;
  • Dr. Katarina  Fleckenstein. in charge of the DAAD in Mexico;
  • Booth Jim, Director British Council, Kabul
  • Ms. Homeira Fazli, in charge of Cultural and Educational Affairs of the French Embassy in Kabul

Sincerely                                                                                                                                                                                                Kabul University, Governors ‌‌‌‌‌Boards



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