Kabul University′s chancellor Message

Dear Colleges and Students;

On behalf of Kabul University as the main university in the country, I am pleased to invite new students and colleagues to this university for teaching, research and academic and administrative activities and services.

Until 1978, the country's higher education was in a relatively good condition, but unfortunately, for more than two decades until the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; it suffered from devastation and loss of ability in all aspects. Some of these shortcomings, such as the loss of trained professors or the lack of necessary opportunities to develop the education system in the later stages and even so far, are noticeable.

The last two decades have seen tangible changes and developments in the country's higher education. The formulation of national strategies for higher education, the renewal of the legal framework, the development of higher education institutions, the strengthening of the educational infrastructure, the transformation of governance, and the administrative development of strengthening the capacity of the academic staff of the higher education system are urgent issues in this area.

Kabul University; as the mother university and the largest academic institution in the country over the past two decades, has witnessed significant changes and developments in the areas of development, access, establishment of faculties, departments and new centers, changes in the educational system, increasing academic capacity, developing and strengthening physical infrastructure. However, given the new demands of higher education and the urgent needs of social and economic growth in the country, Kabul University needs to pay more and better attention to its educational and academic position.

Dear Students!

Kabul University is pleased to provide suitable fields of study in 22 faculties and 96 departments in undergraduate and graduate programs with a focus on the appropriate objectives of these programs.

I am sure that despite certain challenges, this university has the best facilities and educational facilities in the country. In addition, the vast area and pleasant atmosphere of this academic center in the heart of the country, has made this university unique.

We believe in and strive for change, discipline, national and academic values, and, above all, purposeful service. Therefore, we respectfully ask all those who choose this university for education or work to take full advantage of its opportunities and facilities by observing the standards of this center and to cooperate with us in trying to achieve common goals.

Kabul University has had a significant number of foreign students in the last two decades. With many international partners; this university is committed to gaining a position with international prestige by hosting students from other countries and attracting foreign specialists; on the other hand, developing cooperation and partnership with world-renowned universities.

We wish our graduates, our academic services and research better than others for the progress and development of Afghanistan and the world. Therefore, the Kabul University services should be the best and different from others.

I welcome you to study here for your growth and development, to bring changes in your future, your family and your community, or to work sincerely with us in this endeavor.

With Respect

Prof. Dr.Mohammad Osman Babury

Chancellor of Kabul University


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