Information on the Coronavirus

In the coming semester 2020, Kabul University by taking the necessary infection prevention measures; continues to ensure that, despite the corona pandemic, it offers intensive classes and work opportunities for staff of Kabul University.

Kabul University provides opportunities to study and work safely without having face to face contact and personal interaction at the university. Therefore; distinguished infection protection concepts have been planned. The classes are organized as small size like at least 15 students in each class in some departments like language classes. The buildings, libraries; laboratories; classes are disinfected and are open for student but with a reduced number of work tables and students. The intensive semester is planned as a hybrid semester with a mixture of participatory lessons and distance learning opportunities. Besides; Web conferences, recorded teaching videos and learning and teaching platforms like HELMS will continue to play a special role.

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Infection Protection Concept

For the protection of all persons involved, face-to-face events reduced to smaller number of participants in different groups with keeping distance, the events; such as committee meetings, working meetings, advanced training courses or academic conferences of Kabul University are organized in open environment halls and in the campus.

The meetings could be organized in an open environment and Kabul University applied that in the academic council meetings.

 The Kabul University Leadership Council Meeting for Strengthen and Reinforcement of the Process of Non-Participatory Teaching and Distance Education