Psychology treatment Center

Kabul University Counseling and Psychotherapy Center is located in the northwestern part of Kabul University, behind the boys' dormitory building. Kabul University Counseling and Psychotherapy Center has been equipped and put into action by HEDP Higher Education Development Programs from World Bank projects.

Administratively, the organization and structure of the manpower of this center is under the directorate of student services and the vice-chancellor for student affairs, but in the implementation of activities and scientific supervision, it is in coordination with the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences.

The goals and activities of Kabul University Counseling and Psychotherapy Center.

1. Providing counseling and psychotherapy services for Kabul University students with the aim of solving psychological problems, increasing the level of resilience and raising the quality of students’ life.

a) These services include academic, job, marriage, family problems counseling.

b) Treatment of anxiety or mental disorders (mood disorders (types of depression), anxiety disorders (social anxiety and other types of anxiety), obsessive-compulsive disorder.

2. Seminars and workshops with the aim of informing and improving the capacity of students related to psychological issues and phenomena.

a) Informing and informing about the harms of drugs, the formation of psychological dependence on drug use.

b) Life skills programs, to raise and increase the level of performance of students.

3. Skills training of students in the departments of the Faculty of Psychology, practical work, practical training of counseling skills, practice of holding various sessions, implementation of various psychological interventions.

Kabul University Counseling and Psychotherapy Center is at the service of students every day during the week from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and welcomes students in a completely safe psychological environment.

List of ongoing activities in the counseling and psychotherapy center of Kabul University.

Individual Counseling :

Individual counseling is a large part of the activities of Kabul University Counseling and Psychotherapy Center. In individual counseling, the client (the person who comes to get help) with a specialist (counselor or psychologist) in a completely safe environment (psychological, confidential, Security ...) shares his problem and talks about his sufferings, discomforts and worries, and the counselor with scientific knowledge and skills of counseling and psychology with empathetic and active listening and by providing ongoing questions and exploration helps the clients to express their problem in a complete and comprehensive way. The authorities, after realizing that they have raised their problem with an expert and expert who has no judgment or prejudice on his / her existing problem or his / her personality, communicate and trust is created and the consultant uses this communication to guide the clients so that they can learn new skills and overcome the problem by becoming empowered.

Here, the process of an individual counseling session is over, and the other client can or knows how to deal with the problem

Group Counseling and Group Therapy:

This type of counseling or group therapy is used for problems that are much more effective in group therapy than individual counseling or treatment, or when the prevalence of a type of problem or disorder in a particular community is high. In this case, group therapy is used, for example, social anxiety, test anxiety, and difficulty in assertiveness are among the common problems among Kabul University students.

Reading Club or Study programs:

In this type of program, the main goal is to improve reading skills, especially reading scientific books and texts, and the sub-goals can be achieved by increasing the ability of management and leadership, responsibility and developing students' ability to debate and reason.

Students can participate in study clubs announced by the counseling center, or a group of students who work in groups to create a study club to manage the center, and the counseling center provides the necessary cooperation.

Scientific Seminars with Psychological Content:

Awareness programs on psychological issues, how to deal with mental states, emotions, mood are some of the most important programs for students of all faculties of Kabul University.

 Life Skills are also programs that the general public can participate in, and during multi-session programs, the most important skills such as self-awareness, emotion management, problem solving, assertiveness, creativity, and effective communication for learning.

Specialized Workshops for Counseling and Psychotherapy:

These workshops or specialized workshops are for students of counseling and psychology departments. In these programs, emphasis is placed on professional training in clinical psychology and counseling, so that the students of these departments can learn and turn this knowledge into practical skills; to increase the level of their specialized abilities.

In addition to theoretical training, the practical context of these skills is provided for students to apply this knowledge and share their experiences with each other, and use other useful feedback and increase their level of abilities. .

Case study is also a special activity for students of counseling and psychology departments, in which students experience the examination of real cases (real stories of clients) and shares their opinions or provides questions and answers.

Film analysis is another special activity for students of counseling and psychology departments, in which films with psychological content are selected and various psychological phenomena are discussed, discussed and taught.

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