Open Governance Scientific Seminar at Kabul University

Abdul Hai Alamyar
Mon, May 24 2021 4:15 PM

On the occasion of Open Governance Week, which started from May 17, 2021 the "Open Governance Scientific Seminar" was held on Monday, May 24, 2021 by the Secretariat of Open Governance - Office of the President by the presence of Noor Ahmad Darvish, Deputy Minister of Finance and Administration of the Ministry of Higher Education. Professor Dr. Mohammad Osman Babury, Chancellor of Kabul University, Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs, Head of Transparency Sector and other officials from the Office of the President, Deans of faculty; professors and hundreds of students of Kabul University were held in the auditorium  of Kabul University.

Speakers in this seminar discussed issues and concepts such as: open governance, requirements and necessities of open governance, advantages and features of open governance, the role of academic institutions in strengthening open governance, and…… while providing information about it, the process of Afghanistan's membership in the International Open Government Initiative, of which about 88 countries are now committed to open government, was also discussed. On the other part of the program, a roundtable was held in which topics such as the importance and role of open government, the effects of open government, the role of academic institutions in open government, open government in Afghanistan and Afghanistan's needs for it, etc. were discussed. It ended with questions and answers from the participants and members of the table of this scientific seminar.

The Government of Afghanistan, which achieved the membership criteria of this international initiative in 2016 by completing 85% of the membership criteria, should be entitled to "Using New Technology in Governance / Digital Government", "Public Participation", "Accountability" and " Transparency according to Dr. Babury Chancellor of Kabul University, not only promotes democracy but also guarantees human rights, remains committed. Therefore; the President of Afghanistan in 2018 exposed an open government secretariat in the Presidential office. This Secretariat has designed and implemented two National Action Plans 1 and 2 and is now moving towards the development of National Action Plan 3, the main objectives are participation and public role in the design and formulation of national governance policies and more public awareness of governance.


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