Kabul University’s Governing Board had Attended in the Funeral of the Martyrs of the Bloody Attack

Abdul Hai Alamyar
Sat, Nov 07 2020 9:18 AM

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Osman Babury Chancellor of Kabul University, Vice Chancellors, Deans and Professors of Kabul University attended the funeral of the bloody event’s martyrs on Tuesday, 3rd November 2020. By participating in this ceremony, while praying for the souls of the martyrs of the incident, they met with their families and expressed their sympathy, and prayed to Allah for forgiveness of the martyrs and patience for their honorable families. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Government sent 100,000 Afghanis to the families of the martyrs and 50,000 Afghanis to the injured students and professors. The aid will be distributed to these families by the leadership of Kabul University.

Kabul University intends to hold a mourning and commemoration ceremony in honor of the martyrs of this incident, which will be announced later.


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