The General Mourning Ceremony for the Martyrs of the 2nd Nov; 2020 tragic incident was held at Kabul University

Abdul Hai Alamyar
Tue, Nov 10 2020 5:23 PM

The General Mourning Ceremony of the Martyrs of the 2nd Nov 2020 terrorist attack at Kabul University, entitled "Memorial of the Education Martyrs" on Saturday, the 10th Nov 2020; by participation of the families and survivors of the martyrs, former President Excellency Hamid Karzai and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation; Dr. Abbas Basir acting Minister of Higher Education, Deputy ministers and directors of the central departments of the Ministry of Higher Education, Acting Minister of Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affair; Prof. Dr. M. Osman Babury Chancellor and Vice Chancellors of Kabul University, Representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Martyrs and the Disabled and a number of other governmental departments, some members of the Afghan House of Representatives, deans of faculties, professors, chairs and members of the Students' Union and thousands of students were held at Kabul University.

The Chancellor of Kabul University; the Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation; the acting Minister of Higher Education, the chancellors of Kabul Medical; and Polytechnic Universities; a number of deans and professors of Kabul University, and the representative of the martyrs' families delivered their speeches in this ceremony. While seriously condemning this tragic incident, each of them prayed for the souls of the martyrs and expressed their condolences with the families of the martyrs and the wounded professors and students, to the academic community of the Kabul University and Higher Education; and prayed for the martyrs to be in heaven and for the wounded ones immediate recovery. Each of these speakers emphasized on the importance of education, seriousness and steadfastness in following the path of learning and educating, belief in a bright future, responsibility of security officials and hope for lasting peace in Afghanistan and called on Kabul University students and all universities students to "further struggle" with a "high spirit and hope for the future", "no to violence, insecurity, narrow-mindedness of the enemies of the country" said to be more determined and willing to attend their courses and continue their for education and learning.

Governing Board of Kabul University, prayed for the souls of the martyrs and sharing condolences with their families, and praying for the recovery of the wounded professors and students of the 2nd Nov 2020 tragic incident at Kabul University. And they thanked all participants, dear students who attended the ceremony and all participants, institutions and national and foreign universities; those who expressed their condolences in various ways in person or by sending messages.

The ceremony, which began at 9 A.M. with the recitation of the inspiring verses of the Holly Quran Kareem, ended at 12:30 P.M. after thousands of students from Kabul University and other participants performed their prayers for the prosperity of the country.

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