The Evaluation Committee of Kabul University Meeting on Nightshift undergraduate programs

Abdul Hai Alamyar
Wed, May 19 2021 3:45 PM

The evaluation committee of Kabul University meeting on nightshift undergraduate programs was held on Tuesday, 18th of May, 2021 by the presence of the Chancellor and Vice- Chancellors of Kabul University, a number of Deans of faculties, Department Heads and Professors, and Officials of the Evaluation Committee to present the results of the evaluation of this committee from the process of nightshift undergraduate programs was held in the hall of the Scientific Council.

The members of this committee, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs of Kabul University, presented the results of their studies in this meeting and while appreciating the effective performance of some faculties in supervising the process of nightshift courses. They said: from nightshift bachelor's degree programs and non-compliance with daily programs, double duration of programs up to 10 semesters and non-compliance with the duration of daily programs, the process of reviewing the quality assurance committee of these programs and ... still faced some challenges and in order to improve it and meet the requirements and criteria, there is a serious and fundamental need for monitoring, review and reform. The members of this committee also suggested in the presence of the university governing board that the supervision of the Internal Quality Assurance Committee of these programs should be more serious, its duration should be reduced to 8 semesters and standardized, the weekly supervision of university officials of these programs should be serious cancel programs that have the same faculty at the same time as the master's programs.

These suggestions were approved by the governing board of Kabul University and directed to the relevant departments for further implementation.

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