An Exhibition of Islamic Art and Mosaic Work was held at Kabul University

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Exhibition of 41 valuable Islamic Art and Mosaic Work was launched to introduce this art to the public and society at Kabul University, during a ceremony on Monday, 25th of Aug, 2020 by participation of the Excellencies Acting Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Kabul University, Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs; Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, Director of Afghan Film, Head of the 6th  District of Kabul Municipality, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, professors and students of Kabul University at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Then; Professor Samiullah Nabipour, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, delivered a speech at the event, by welcoming all the guests and appreciating the collaborators of the exhibition. He spoke about the values of Islamic Art and the role of art in Islamic civilization and said that holding such programs is effective and useful in achieving these goals.

Afterward, Dr Prof. Dr. Mohammad Osman Babury, the Chancellor of Kabul University, delivered his speech and thanked the holders of this excellent and valuable exhibition and noted that "there is need to change the approach of universities forward to society and the needs of the people and the country" and turning society towards "vulgarity" due to lack of awareness of "cultural freedoms", he mentioned to solve this problem and rationalize the relationship between art and culture, the accuracy, attention and purposeful efforts of officials in the relevant sectors, especially the academic community, is effective and necessary.

Consequently; Prof. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Deputy Minister of Academic Affairs and Acting Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education said that all Islamic Arts left over from the past and now seen are decorated with fine artwork and expressions, which express the deep love and feeling of artists for specialization and their skills show the close relationship between art - society and religion and emphasize the strength of this relationship.

Next; Professor Muzhgan Mustafawi, Deputy Minister of Finance and Administration of the Ministry of Information and Culture and Professor of Kabul University, while addressing the exhibition, praised and mentioned the resources of each community is due to its cultural values and mosaic work and it presents the rich art and culture of the Islamic community of Afghanistan. Ms. Mustafawi emphasized on the establishment of strong relations and meaningful cooperation between the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Ministry of Information and Culture with the aim of applying mosaic art and carving in places, monuments and cultural buildings and reviving the culture and artistic-cultural values of the country.

At the end of the opening ceremony, 15 students of the Faculty of Fine Arts who were involved in the designing of these art works awarded by their fellow professors and Mr. Sayeed Mujibuddin Javad, President of Payman Production, who was the financial partner of the exhibition. These students were awarded certificates and then the participants attended the event of the exhibition, which was organized in the green area of the Faculty of Arts, these 41 valuable art works of Islamic networking and mosaics were exhibited.

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