Faculty Objectives

• Active share in the production, import, distribution and control of medicine and food based on modern, scientific and technical methods (Industrial Pharmacy)

• Carrying out or advancement of the technical and professional affairs of public pharmacies, and hospitals (Hospital Pharmacy), and community pharmacy (Community Pharmacy)

• Active contribution in the field of procurement and supply of pharmaceutical services, pharmacy care, information system and legislation on medicine

• Advancing Clinical Pharmacy and Evaluating Drug Treatment in different wards of Hospitals

• Performing and interpreting biological examinations, active participation in the fight against infectious diseases and microbial resistance

• Qualitative analysis of food and cosmetics products in food and cosmetics analysis laboratories

• Study and research on medicinal plants, use and search for better ways to supply and exploit the plant flora of the country

• Designation of epidemiological studies inter-related to pharmacy

• Competency in field of research, identification, treatment and prevention of toxic substances, analysis and analysis of toxicological samples in forensic medicine, industrial factories, production of medicine and food


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