Faculty Objectives

The main goal of FoC is to train professional chemists that can work in various fields, including training of scientific staff for institutions, chemical specialist for manufacturing sectors, and various public as well as private departments (Environment Department, Rural Development, The norm of standard, mining and industry); therefore, the educational goals of this faculty can be summarized in the following points:

  • Understanding the basic theories, scientific methods and complete familiarity with chemical materials and equipment in various fields of chemistry and the ability of graduates in the field to apply these theories and methods using efficient tools and techniques for diagnosis, determination of quality of products, application of these methods in the workplace, manufacturing and industrial factories and laboratories for analysis and diagnosis of food, water, air, soil and construction materials.
  • Acquiring the ability to analyze and evaluate problems, determine effective solutions in a given time, to communicate with others, and to work on individual and group projects.
  • Ability to perform professional, social, and ethical responsibilities in work field and to use chemical substances as well as equipment and to prevent harm caused by harmful substances. In addition, students are trained to work with different sections of human society and modern chemical technology as a goal.

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