Faculty Objectives

Vision::Promotion of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature to a prestigious and well-known national and international center in fields of specialist and committed cadres, educational research, knowledge production, and providing academic services.

Mission :Training specialist and professional cadres according to the needs of the society who should believe on historical values and constitution of the country, serve Afghanistan honestly, and have active role in knowledge – creating and speeding development processes in Afghanistan, region, and the world.

Basic Goals:

The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature as an academic and educational institution having past educational and research background tries to offer practical and reliable services in language learning areas to volunteers in this field through teaching and knowledge presentation. The duty of this faculty is to provide standard educational services, create appropriate learning opportunities, do practical and reliable research, and offer and train specialist cadres to society. Besides upgrading academic and educational level of teachers and staffs of the faculty, the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature tries to standardize curriculum in order to reach to following goals:

  • Creating and developing facilities for performing practical and reliable academic research
  • Providing qualitative educational services by paying attention to students and society's needs
  • Standardizing the evaluation system of professors and students
  • Building and developing  infrastructures and educational technology
  • Revising and improving educational system and teaching methods
  • Signing education-academic contracts with other national, regional and international universities

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