Education Programs

 The student in the Faculty of Physics study 4 years.  Four years program is divided in to 8 semesters. After so, student graduated in Bachelor degree. The requirement for this degree is successful compellation 152 credits.


The faculty vision to enhance quality of learning consider to market, standard quality teaching, research in physics, and strength outcome based education and finally recognition of the faculty at national and international criteria. The faculty want to become the best faculty in teaching, research and educational service in region and in the world.

 Our country has a lot of problems in technology and industry, for this reason this faculty is built to solve technical problems, communication problems, energy problems, industrial problems …etc.


Higher quality of academic cadre and physics professionals consider to high quality of knowledge, professional skills, soft skills and vocational capacity based on needs have times to be responsive for the country requirement.

The first mission of Physics Faculty is to give high quality educational service, good research, consultants for reconciling of public utility projects.

The second mission is to promote the stuff’s capacities to serve afghan people better, standard, and world criteria.

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