The Change Plan for Kabul University was unveiled at the University Leadership Council

Abdul Hai Alamyar
Sat, Oct 10 2020 4:09 PM

Change program for Kabul University on Monday, 5th Oct 2020, by presence of Prof. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Deputy Minister of Academic Affairs of the Ministry of Higher Education a number of heads of the central administration of this ministry, vice-chancellors of Kabul University and deans of faculties, the change program was unveiled by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Osman Babury Chancellor of Kabul University, and there was discussion on this plan.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Osman Babury Chancellor of Kabul University; first welcomed the officials of the Ministry of Higher Education and other members of the meeting in the Assembly of the Leadership Council of the University and then gave a brief look at the general situation of academic institutions, especially Kabul University. He addressed the shortcomings, requirements and implementation of Kabul University and did not consider the current situation satisfactory. Dr. Babury said that "about three months ago, the university leadership talked to the heads of all faculties and directorates about the current affairs and programs, and observed faculties, offices and workplace, mansions, places; buildings and the university environment," ….. as a result of which, taking into account the existing realities, needs and expectations of the public and society and how to meet the needs of the labor market of the country, change in the university is an urgent need and this project is entitled "Change Program for Kabul University" with the aim of improving the quality of academic; scientific and educational services and responding to the urgent demands of economic, social and cultural development of the country and….. was prepared. Dr. Babury; after presenting and highlighting the main and minor points of this plan in detail, asked the Deputy Minister of Academic Affairs of the Ministry of Higher Education and other members of the meeting to present their opinions and suggestions about it. The plan was approved by members of the University Leadership Council, and Dr. Babury Chancellor of the University, pledged to implement it during their tenure.

Excellency Prof. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Deputy Minister of Academic Affairs of the Ministry of Higher Education; while speaking at the meeting, expressed his satisfaction for the efforts of Kabul University officials, a series of innovations in the field of policy-making of the Ministry, monitoring policies and how to implement them, decentralization from the Ministry to universities; from university to the departments, the transfer of the qualifications and privileges of academic research and publications to the universities and departments,……..., and called this plan appropriate and in line with the new and comprehensive views and programs of the Ministry of Higher Education.  Prof. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, acknowledged that Kabul University has an extraordinary capacity and that these capacities should be integrated with comprehensive programs such as the Kabul University Change Plan and meet valuable and effective work to meet the expectations of the public; society and education for an effective work research. He highlighted the need for change in all universities of the country, on behalf of the leadership of the Ministry of Higher Education and the leadership of Kabul University, and emphasized the need for its effective implementation.

After detailed discussions on this issue, Dr. Babury called the purpose of the meeting a consensus on joint work and cooperative team work, said that work on the implementation of this plan has begun and the leadership of Kabul University is determined and committed to the full implementation of this plan; He thanked the officials of the Ministry of Higher Education and Kabul University.

The meeting, which started at 1:30 pm, ended at 4 pm with a prayer for the prosperity of the country.

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