Applying Annual Program Monitoring and Periodic Program Review

Objective: To review and evaluate the academic programs to see and find out about the strengths and weakness, and to make positive changes on academic programs that can better help the learners in their future careers.

Annual Monitoring is a formal process conducted by all departments within an HEI each year to review their academic program and identify areas for improvement. All programmes are monitored annually using the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) Programme Approval and Review process, checklist and data, including student feedback, to measure programme performance. All academic programs at Kabul University will be reviewed annually.

Periodic Program review (PPR) is a formal process conducted by the HEI at least every five years to assess the future viability, quality and standards of each of their academic programs and to establish whether significant changes to any aspect of a program are necessary.

PPR is also an Opportunity to:

  •  Carry out a major refresh of the program so that it attracts more applicants and procedures higher quality, more satisfied graduates
  • Consider innovation in teaching delivery and assessment
  • Raise issues for consideration by the University

Applying Annual Program Monitoring has done since1397 (2019) in all faculties at Kabul University, and Periodic Program Review have applied on four Faculties: Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Psychology and Social Science in 1398 (2019).

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