An Academic Regular Meeting of the Governing Council of Kabul University

Abdul Hai Alamyar
Wed, Feb 10 2021 4:20 PM

The regular meeting of the Governing Council of Kabul University was held to discuss various issues related to academic; scientific, administrative and student affairs of this institution on Wednesday, 10th of Feb 2021 in the meeting hall of the Kabul University Scientific Council.

This meeting, started at 9:00 AM on Wednesday in the mentioned hall, Prof. Dr. M.Osman Babury, Chancellor  of Kabul University, and a number of other members of the council spoke about the agenda of the meeting, on topics such as: "preparation of the coming semester and spring semesters" ; " observation  and implementation process of HELMS system and the process of non participatory courses at Kabul University" ; " How to implement the change plan of Kabul University " ; "the use of the electronic attendance for staff attendance directorate of KU from the first day of the coming month" ; "Implementation plan of the Student Services Department with a focus on training services related to entrepreneurship, pre-employment job skills training, research methods, strengthening national unity and strengthening discipline" ; "Monograph preparation process or presentation or University students' undergraduate thesis" ; "University maintenance programs" ; "How to plan the presence and absence of deserving students in university dormitories " ; " About 6 programs related to student affairs "and a number of other miscellaneous topics The comment was discussed.

After discussing each of the above-mentioned issues, the members of the meeting made the necessary decisions in relation to each of them in accordance with the rules and regulations of this university and provided the relevant departments and officials with the necessary instructions and guidance to implement the above decisions.

The Governing Council of Kabul University decided in this meeting that: Considering the decisions of the Ministry of Higher Education, the face-to-face courses for the continuation of the current semester will start on the 5th of March 2021 and the final exams will be taken from the students after a month.

By start of the lessons and due to the lack of accommodation capacity in the dormitories of Kabul University, the presence of third grade students in these dormitories has been apologized for, and instead the eligible applicants of the first grade students of various faculties who had previously applied for dormitories, taking into account the quota of each faculty and percentage of grades; these applicants would be replaced.

The implemented plan of the Student Services Department has been approved and it has also been decided that the electric attendance of Kabul University will be activated from the 19th Feb 2021 and the management of Kabul University staff will be managed through it.

The meeting ended with the Governing Council members of Kabul University’s discussion and exchange of effective opinions; and with a prayer for the prosperity of the country.

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